Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fuel Consumption

This is now added as a tool after the frequent hits to the original post.

Here is the method to get a good estimate of your ride's actual fuel consumption:
Step 1. Fill your tank completely.
Step 2. Reset your trip meter.
Step 3. Drive till your fuel guage is low.
Step 4. Read your trip meter when you arrive at the pump for the refuel.
Step 5. Fill your tank completely.
Step 6. Write your distance travelled on your fuel receipt and you can compute the fuel consumption on the previous tank of petrol by dividing the distance travelled (km) with the volume of petrol added (l).
Step 7. Go to step 2.

You should do this continuously or at least several times in a cycle to get a good estimate because pump attendants practise personal approach to fill your tank - some rely on the auto-stop, some continue to add till the nearest dollar value, some continue to add to the brim, etc. The variability of the auto-stop also introduces some difference to the actual fuel added.

You can download the file SMFuelConsumptionV11.xls (MS Excel format, 136 KB) from my Shared DropBox folder


Anonymous said...

Is there anyway to unprotect the file? I would like to select the type of petrol but it keeps saying the document is cannot choose the brand of petrol...

skxly said...

When you are select the cell "Brand", a down arrow icon should appear and you can choose from the drop-down list of four brands. If you still encounter problem with that, just send your email address to me (via email if you want to stay anonymous on the blog) and I will send you the unprotected file.