Saturday, July 7, 2007

Boy ran down on Pedestrian Walkway

A delivery truck hit and killed a 8-year-old boy when it reversed onto the pedestrian walkway at Simei MRT station (see CNA) on May 22. I am appalled that a witness said the truck sounded its horn while reversing from the main road and expect that all pedestrians will stay clear of its path. The driver was later arrested by the police.

Is there a flaw in the design of the area? How can motor vehicles be even allowed to go onto the pedestrian walkway? If there is a proper and safe loading/unloading bay nearby, then the truck driver is surely guilty of reckless driving. I think he does the same delivery routine every few days and this is one day that he made a bad decision.

I hope the Traffic Police and LTA will do something to prevent such accident in future. Concrete columns have been added to bus stops near road bends but that again is an after-accident action taken. Designers of our buildings and road infrastructure should take safety as an important component into the design blueprint.

Accidents happen when we least expect them so do always carry out your safety checks especially for your daily routines. An example is at the carpark near your home or workplace where you do the same routine everyday …. Don’t take for granted that the pathway is always clear for you! Drive safely everywhere …..

(Originally posted on WordPress blog on May 23, 2007)


reymund said...

I would say Lorry or van drivers should install reverse sensors or reverse camera to aid them in reversing their vehicle. Couple of weeks ago,my car front end was disfigured by a Lorry driver when he reversed into my car.

skxly said...

I am sorry to hear about the accident but do be glad that there is no injury suffered. I agree that LTA should mandate all large vehicles to have reverse sensor and audible beeper as standard equipment.