Saturday, July 7, 2007

More Veteran Taxi-Drivers?

You should have read about the recent case of the taxi-driver running down the driver after a minor collision. I believe that most of us would be angry at the merciless taxi-driver and sympathetic towards the victim who is lying in coma. The motoring public did rally for the key eye-witness (lady passenger in the taxi) to come forward and she did finally surfaced to give her side of the story.

The taxi-driver is a 68 years old relief driver - he may a grandfather by this age and I cannot imagine that he would intentionally run over the young man. I hope that the circumstances of the incident be analyzed in details for a fair trial. I have the hunch that his health and visual capability may have strong bearing on the case. So I googled and found a related article at OneMotoring’s FAQ on Taxi Drivers’ Age Limit.

Taxi Driver Vocational License can be renewed to qualified taxi-drivers age up to 73 years old from 2006 as long as they pass the medical examination. The medical examination is required on a biennial basis for those from 50 to 65 years old and on an annual basis for above 65 years old. For the group from 70 to 73 years old, there is an additional special test conducted by qualified occupational therapists with two components i.e. off-road tests and on-road driving assessment. The tests include reaction times, vision, cognitive abilities, physical control of vehicle, etc.

I wonder if HE at 68 years old could pass the special test … Should LTA consider lowering the age limit for the requirement of the special test?
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