Saturday, July 7, 2007

Need for Speed? Remember that You Only Live Once …

I was sad to have read some time ago about two separate cycling accidents in the local newspaper. A sixteen year-old boy was killed when his bicycle was hit along Yuan Ching Road and a ten year-old boy was knocked down by a taxi as he was cycling home after his tuition class. At such young tender age, they may have made a mistake and lose their lives.

I have a friend whom forbids her daughters from crossing road by themselves until they are eighteen. I thought that is an overkill on road safety but then again, it is better to be safe than to leave them to face road danger at a young age.

Who suffers in these accidents? The victims will experience pain before death but the agony on those who remain is more painful emotionally for the rest of their lives. Their parents, the drivers of the accident vehicles, friends and loved ones will have to bear with the loss.

No driver in his or her right mind would want to take a precious life. However, with the fast pace of our lives and the tendency to arrive at your destination just in time, most motorists are rushing on our roads. Some of the young ones even have the need for speed … to be the first off the green light. Why hurry? It may rush you to the grave.

I strongly encourage all motorists to plan their trips with sufficient time to get to their destination. We should always strive to arrive earlier by at least five minutes since there may be unforeseen heavy traffic to slow us down. It may take slightly more time per trip but be reminded that this practice may save you the REST OF YOUR LIFETIME. Drive safely!

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