Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Up Up Up Up!!!!

The pump price has gone up! Yes, all the brands - Caltex up, Esso-Mobil up, Shell up and SPC up prices by 5 cents across all grades of petrol. Free market? Gee .... can you believe that?

My colleague introduced a site PetrolWatch which primary function is to track pump prices and keep subscribers posted via SMS on any increase. It is a paid subscription to get the info and hopefully, you can quickly drive to the petrol stations of the other brands that are slower in increasing the pump price to make the investment worthwhile.

I think that is an interesting business model and I wonder if the site owner has recouped its capital on the web service and SMS gateway .... and also make profit after covering the operating cost. I don't think I would subscribe to the service as pump prices do not change on a frequent basis and I probably will not benefit much in the long run.

Would you subscribe to the service? Well, you would have to also consider the other functions of the website ....



Hi skxly,

I really admire how your citizen survive with all prices going up by the minute. I just read that more and more suicide cases had happened in the past few years among the 50-year-olds due to pressures such as higher living costs. I wonder how many more cases like these will happen as prices continue to rise...

THe same scenario of price hiking also happen in Malaysia but its still manageable by the rakyat, thanks to assistance from the government. Fortunate enough, we hope to not have a situation like your country where suicides are the new norm in problem resolutions.


P/s: I do motoring stuff in KL and have a blog at I would like to link you in my blog. Let me know if its possible. Hope to have u link my blog as well. Thanks.

skxly said...

Andy, the suicide rate is creeping up and is currently at slightly above 10 per 100,000 residents. The most important point is that assistance to those who are impacted by loss of jobs, loved ones, etc. are available and hopefully they would reach out to the various hotlines and assistance schemes. The competitive environment does make us more resiliant but the widening income gap is a growing concern.

Please feel free to link to my blog. You have a nice site too. I do not maintain a blogroll but I will feature a good story if you alert me. Cheers, skxly.


Hi skxly, and I thought Malaysia is having a tough time, which is no tougher than that of Singapore's. At least there are aids available to your people. Here, its a bit difficult where traces of racism still prevail and there is still racial preference as to who is eligible for the aid and assistance that the gov provides...

Anyway, i just have your site link at my blog. Dont mind if you write a post on my Essential Motoring 101 blog. Thanks very much.