Monday, October 22, 2007

COE Prediction - November 1st Bidding Exercise


Category A COEs fell by about $4,500 - the price slashing by dealers will certainly attract buyers to refresh their cars although it was reported in the local papers that many owners are burdened with large outstanding loan from the surge in refreshes over the last few years and may not have the appetite to roll into another loan.

I was at Ngee Ann City on Saturday and visited the Motorimage roadshow featuring the launch of the 2008 Impreza - a hatch-back model with 4 different power plants - 1.5 Auto, 1.5 Manual, 2.0 S-GT Auto and 2.5 WRX Manual. One interesting fact was that the WRX's trunk space is shallower than the other models ... I wonder what lies beneath?

Was I tempted to book the WRX? You bet, but my wife's driving license is for class 3A. So, I can only choose an Automatic transmission car ... the S-GT looks appealing but I have committed to keep my reliable MPV for another few years. So what is the damage at the roadshow? Ha, just $14 to buy the Subaru bear for my little girl. My kids named all their soft toys so what did they decide on this one? Cross Subaru with Polar Bear and they agreed to name it Polaru!

Now, back to the COE prediction - another important factor that will influence the next bidding is TIME! There is a 3-week gap to the next exercise so orders will pile up and so will the eventual quota premium:

Prediction on October 22:
Category A: $16,000-17,000
Category B: $18,000-19,000

Verdict on November 7:
Category A: $16,839
Category B: $18,001

Wow! Spot ON.

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