Wednesday, January 16, 2008

COE Prediction - January 2nd Bidding Exercise

2008 started on a soft note with COE rising marginally although Lunar New Year is just around the corner. The stock market has also volatile in these few weeks and crude oil price hitting the US$100 mark. So all these news infer SLOW demand of COE and I believe that the quota premium will just stay at the current level.

Prediction on January 16:
Category A: $14,000-15,000
Category B: $15,000-16,000

Verdict on January 23:
Category A: $12,001
Category B: $13,289

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Christopher said...

The Next Bid by 30th Jan 2008, the COE will be expected to slump down again due to the Holistic overview of the economy in US, Oil Prices rising more over the USD100 mark, and most Car buyers has stop placing orders nearing the Chinese New Year Celebration, due to Supply and Demand and it would be expected to drop down to around $9k to $10,000 margin for Cat A.

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