Monday, March 17, 2008

COE Prediction - March 2008 2nd Bidding Exercise

It felt kind of strange that the COE quota premium trend is going against the stock market. However, our economy did very well last year and many motorists have received good bonus and as usual, are itchy to change their rides. Afterall, Singapore has the youngest average age of vehicles on the road. The herd instinct is very common here - now that everyone is aware of fewer COE being released this year, most will believe the sales pitch to buy now before COE quota premium raise further. And lo and behold, COE quota premium keeps increasing...

I predict that Category A COE quota premium will increase much more than Category B's.

Prediction on March 17:
Category A: $15,000-16,000
Category B: $17,000-18,000

Verdict on March 19:
Category A: $15,389
Category B: $19,001

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