Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Keep Alive Belt aka Safety/Seat Belt

I like this iconic logo - from the personal side, the heart signifies life and the belt protects it from harm in an accident and from a loved one's perspective, the belt over the heart signifies the desire to protect the loved one. The recent school mini bus accidents have certainly increased the awareness in the effectiveness of seat belts in saving lives when an accident occurs. Accidents are literally accidents i.e. the party at fault does not intend to hurt anyone but has lost control of the vehicle.

I was amused by the 14 year old boy's response after yesterday's accident, he said "I usually just get on the bus and fall asleep." Does he usually gets home and fall asleep without closing the door? No, it is second nature to us to shut and lock the door as we have valuables in our homes. Thus, we need to educate the young to fasten their seat belts when they get onto a motor vehicle unless they are asleep and carried onto the vehicle but that would then be the caregiver's fault.

Several members of parliament are going to lobby for a new law for seat belt on school buses. I support the motion and urge the authority to accelerate the matter to avoid any more unnecessary death or injury.

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