Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More Gantries and Higher Rates

I am surprised that CBD gantries see increased rates from 6-8pm when the Singapore River Line gantries start operations for the same time period. The later gantries are intended to discourage motorists from using the area as a through route as reported in today's Straits Times - "The Land Transport Authority (LTA) noted that about a third of the traffic entering the area does not stop there. The vehicles are just passing through en route to somewhere else".

My opinion is that the new Singapore River Line gantries may meet their objectives and fewer vehicles will go into the business district. So why the need to increase CBD gantries' rates now? I can accept an increase in two months if the criteria of travel speed above 20km/h at least 85 percent of the time on those roads is not met.

LTA could also be more transparent with the analysis and publishes the reports. Do these reports contain proprietary information? I am sure that there will be many reactions but isn't feedback from the public helping? Maybe there is a plan to market the traffic management expertise and experience overseas ..... perhaps "LTA (Singapore) Inc." in the making....

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nhyone said...

The answer is simple.

The riverline gantries just take care of 1/3 of the traffic going into CBD. (Expected to lower by 50%)

The increased CBD charges will take care of the other 2/3 of the traffic. (No estimation given.)