Tuesday, July 29, 2008

COE Prediction - August 2008 1st Bidding Exercise

My poll for visitors currently has two responses - 1 expected higher quota premium, 0 expected flat and 1 expected lower quota premium.

Petrol prices has been revised downwards five times and it seems that the inflation driven by oil has somewhat eased. However, there is still much uncertainty in the overall economic outlook. I believe that most motorists will choose not to change their rides unless necessary.

My prediction would be flat in the next bidding exercise, maybe just a mild decrease in the COE quota premium.

Prediction on July 29:
Category A: $13,000-14,000
Category B: $13,000-14,000

Verdict on August 6:
Category A: $12,501
Category B: $12,889

p/s My poll for visitors closed with four responses - 1 expected higher quota premium, 1 expected flat and 2 expected lower quota premium.

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