Thursday, July 3, 2008

Rebate Encashment

Extract from the LTA news release - "With effect from 1 September 2008, registered owners of un-used and valid PARF/COE rebates can apply to LTA to encash their rebates. This is an additional option available to owners. Owners who want to use their rebates to offset the upfront taxes payable for a new vehicle according to the practice today can continue to do so. LTA will continue to issue rebates to vehicle owners upon de-registration of their vehicles. The rebates will continue to be transferable and be valid for 12 months. This serves to provide flexibility to vehicle owners."

This is certainly a positive signal from LTA in response to public feedback on existing policies - the contradiction identified was that the PARF/COE rebates cannot be encashed before the policy change and used for the registration of a new car which did not support the government's goal to promote the use of public transportation and reduce the private car population.

Is the policy change impactful? I think it will achieve its purpose for FEW motorists since most of us develop the reliance on our own vehicle and the switch to public transportation for the family and ourselves is very hard once you have experienced the convenience. I would love to see our country leaders walk the talk by using public transportation themselves.

To persuade motorists to give up their cars and use public transportation, the latter should be constantly upgraded and improved so that it will be convenient for commuters to get from point to point comfortably, conveniently and on time.

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