Monday, December 29, 2008

COE Prediction - January 2009 1st Bidding Exercise

Dealers have been reluctant to reduce the price of the bigger cars and we have $2,656 Category B COE quota premium in the last bidding exercise of 2008 ... a low not seen since the $50 freak result some years back. The latest round of price cuts will make big cars equally attractive to the small cars. Buyers should be able to pick the right car for their motoring needs at a similar price over features ratio.

Although there is a three weeks' elapse from the last bidding exercise, the demand should be flat as most folks are partying or away on holiday. So has anyone been to the showrooms? One motoring event you can check out this week is the Carrerista Jamboree 2008 but note that entrance ticket is going at $20 per head.

Prediction on December 29:
Category A: $5,000-6,000
Category B: $4,000-5,000

Verdict on January 7:
Category A: $5,001
Category B: $3,089


The Void Deck said...

Dude, you think the $50 or even $2 COE can be repeated for Cat B?

skxly said...

It may be repeated but certainly not for this upcoming bidding exercise due to CNY demand. $1 quota premium may occur in one of the subsequent three exercises as discussed in my prediction post for December 2nd bidding exercise. But then, the probability is low as there are now many more individual bidders than before. Good luck!