Wednesday, May 20, 2009

SG Carpark Wiki

Wiki is such a great tool to allow the public to make update to content and thus, I have created the SG Carpark wiki for my fellow motorists. There are a few good sources of information on carpark rates but all of them do not allow for the public to update the information immediately when any change is identified.

Here is the URL to the Wiki Please contribute your regular destinations to make the wiki comprehensive and useful to all. Thanks.


zinc said...

Hi there, i would like to seek for your opinion base on your experience with cars. I'm currently looking into which car to purchase, suzuki swift 1.2/1.3A or Kia picanto 1.1A. Also, is 2nd hand swift better than a 1st hand swift or other way round? I hope u can help me weigh the pros and cons. You can reply me at thank you.

Kay said...

I think the SgCarPark Wiki is an awesome idea. It will be very useful.

Pratamad said...

Yes, it's a great idea.
One suggestion: create a section to list carparks by areas/zones, so that motorists going to a particular area/zone can choose the best carpark, in terms of rates, number of lots and availability/peak period.

skxly said...

Zinc, I will respond to your question in a new post.

Kay, thanks. I have added two other good sources on the Wiki as it is hard to get all information in one site.

Pratamad, thanks for your suggestion. If I am running this in a commercial role (and paid), I would certainly develop an application that can do that and more.

Kay said...

I can see the potential for this to be developed as a commercial application. How good will it be if I can just sms a number to retrieve the nearby carparks that have the cheapest rate and I won't mind paying a small fee for this.