Monday, August 3, 2009

Punish Motor Claim Fraudsters

Police is investigating a workshop for fraudalent motor insurance claims. This is excellent news for motorists who are penalized by increased motor insurance premium.

I admire the courage of the motorist who sue the other party that had inflated the claim and use a false witness. It is also high time for the Police to probe and charge those guilty of fraud. The judge hearing the case should dish out the appropriate punishment to deter other fraudsters from similar cases. I think the guilty party should also foot all the legal fees so that will encourage insurance companies to file legal suits in support their clients who are clearly victimized.

Most workshops and accident victims will "inflat" (maximize) their damage claim so insurance companies should negotiate for a fair settlement. Substantial medical claim for whiplash injury should be subjected to close scrutiny. If the victim receive compensation and found participating in a marathon just shortly after suffering the injury. Is he a fraudster?

Do you support putting those buggers behind bars? Unscrupulous parties falsifying evidence, witness or injury claims must be stopped otherwise they will become greedier, stage accidents and cause harm to unsuspecting motorists.

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