Friday, May 7, 2010

Who has Hitched a Ride?

I found this fellow hanging on to my car's radio antenna. It must have been taken for a ride since I parked earlier at a wooded area before driving over to TradeHub21. It is strong to have held tightly to the antenna since I must have driven above 70km/h on the way here.

Here's a close-up ... I still cannot make out if it is a grasshopper or a mantis or just a green cockroach.

Another shot with background of a wall.

Can you tell what insect is it?

Forum's responses:

1. Praying mantis
2. Grasshopper
3. Bush-cricket or katydid

And the interesting note about the web or saliva. So, here's what I found on examining the antenna - see the strand going across the left of the antenna.

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