Saturday, July 10, 2010

Give Way to Youth Olympians

Source: LTA

I am surprised this morning to find new road markings painted along the Pan-Island Expressway - "GIVE WAY OOOOO" (well, the five circles overlap ... oh, that is the Olympic symbol).  I am certainly NOT amused when two lanes of the expressway was closed for the LTA contractor to burn more of such markings and traffic slowed to a crawl as all vehicles have to filtered to the only passable lane.  A few thoughts immediately crossed my mind:

1. What warrants the "permanent" marking on the road for an event that lasts only two weeks?

2. This large marking cause some noise when I go over them.  And I am very concerned about riders' safety when going over the markings in wet weather.

3. Will posters on lighting poles function just as well to educate our motorists to give way to YOG buses or cars?  They are probably easier to install and remove.  Most importantly, they may cause only minimal inconvenience to other motorists.

4. I remember hearing over the radio news that the YOG budget had over-ran by about three times.  Is the road marking one of the extravagant ways of showing the world over YOG broadcast of our "world-class" effort to host the game?

I support the YOG too ... but not this BAD idea.

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