Sunday, May 22, 2011

Make Roads Safe

Every 6 seconds someone is killed or seriously injured on the world’s roads. With 1.3 million road deaths each year this is a global epidemic comparable to Malaria or Tuberculosis. And like those killer diseases, road crashes prey on the young, the poor and the vulnerable. Yet by comparison to other global killers, road injury is utterly neglected.

Watch the video below and visit the official FIA site Make Roads Safe for more information about this decade-long campaign. You can help to support this cause by adding a web button link to the official site.

For my Twitter visitors, you can retweet RT Make Roads Safe - I pledge to slow down and be cautious in school zones.


Shane Park said...

Road accidents in every country are so alarming! So why this event happening and continue happening? Maybe most of us will say it is because of reckless driving. Yeah, it’s true! Not all accidents are caused by reckless driving. Some people who were involved in car accidents are just victims of those people who keep on violating the rules. In order to avoid vehicular accidents, we must be prepared, focus only on driving, and just follow road rules so we can lessen the car accidents.

skxly said...

There is so much variability in life that accidents occur as a result of lapse in concentration, oversight, carelessness, recklessness, non-conformance to rules, etc. We can only control our own destiny by ensuring the use of seat belts at all times and defensive driving so that even if we become a victim from drivers who flawed the rules, we can hopefully survive.