Monday, July 16, 2007

Transport Minister in 2020

The Great Transport Challenge 2020 was launched via OneMotoring where the e-Game gather feedback on three aspects in Singapore Transport - you are asked to prioritise the competing demands and balance the trade-offs to achieve the following if you were the Transport Minister in 2020:

  • Making Public Transport A Choice Mode

  • Managing Road Usage

  • Being Responsive to Diverse Needs of the Public
It is kind of a survey-cum-educational tool. I personally do not like it as the questions are closed-ended with only two options. I have difficulties with some questions as I disagree with both options. There is no space for open-ended responses .... I am guessing that the agency cannot afford the resource to seeve through returning volume of information.

In my opinion, the tool is neat in educating the public but does not garner ideas on innovative or radical strategies. It really felt like driving on a one-way street. Proven mechanism like internet forums can be used to solicit opinions from the public and I believe that some of us can make a contribution in shaping a world-class transport system. I wonder if our Transport Minister surf the OneMotoring Forum.

Try out the e-Game to understand my view on the approach ...

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