Saturday, August 30, 2008

Regular Flow upset by Lornie Viaduct

The highly anticipated Lornie Viaduct was opened last Monday to downstream jam. The viaduct was built at a cool tune of S$34 million over 4 years. Although the objective to improve the flow at the Braddell Road, Thomson Road and Lornie Road junction was met, the increased flow of traffice to Lornie Road towards Farrer Road caused jams at peak hours.

The introduction of new option into our Singapore road network will always see an immediate spike in usage before the regular users start to moderate their timing or route to get back to a stable flow. I am sure that it will happen over time but the question is how long will it take to do so.

I do not use that route and would ask for regular users to give their comments and updates of the Lornie Viaduct over the next few weeks. In the mean time, regular users are urged to be patient and avoid causing accidents since that will throw the flow convergence off.

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1 Lornie Rd user said...

I use Lornie Rd every morning. Traffic conditions were better before the new viaduct opened. Now the jam is pushed back to junction at the shell kiosk. If this new problem persists, I'm just afraid that an E R P gantry will be installed soon. *tee tee*