Monday, July 13, 2009

Innovative Signs of the Times

LTA has just announced the Extension of New Road Safety Measures to More Locations. I have not personally driven over the triangles at the pilot sites so I will probably slow down wondering if the vertex will cause my car to rumble or slip. I used to ride a two-wheeler so painted areas on rainy days pose risk when cornering. Are the triangles painted with non-slip paint? I certainly hope so. Was a contest held to name this new sign? I must say that it has a creative name of Traffic Calming Marking (TrCM) ... and I want to suggest planting aromatic herbs along those stretches to complete the calming and therapeutic effect.

The second new safety sign is the cool Your Speed Sign (YSS). It is an electronic sign that displays the speed of a passing vehicle so that you will be more aware of your speed and consequently encourages you to keep to the limit. Gee, I think this new gadget is great as a calibrator. I would compare my speedometer reading to that of the YSS so it may become a distracter.

What do you think? Innovative Signs of the Times?

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Anonymous said...

there must be better ways to spent our erp $$ and road tax...