Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sniffing for the best Petrol Discount

Fuel cost makes up a significant part of the car operating cost and less well-off motorists are prudent to sieve out the best discount from the four local players - Caltex, Esso, Shell and SPC. Once you have found the "best" discount, you tend to stick to the routine such as to only pump Esso 5000 and pay with Citibank's Dividend credit car or other players with the respective tie-up with banks. Well, I advise you to periodically check the active motoring forums (eg. My Car Forum) to look for special offer.

I managed to sniff out the introductory offer of $5 discount for $50 gross worth of petrol at Caltex Clementi (ignore the January 15 expiry date above as the offer is extended to the Chinese New Year). As I was queuing to pay there, I was so surprised to see the lady ahead of me handing the cashier the $3 Discount Coupon (which is the regular discount offered at all Caltex kiosks). Gee ... she had just forgone the extra $2 discount! And the cashier just meekly processed the payment without offering the flyer containing the $5 discount vouchers.

The moral of the story - take the trouble to look for deeper discount!

If you want to maximize your savings, you should pump exactly $50 net worth of petrol to yield 10% discount excluding other discount. If you pump full tank, the amount may be $60 to only yield 8.33% discount.

For those who monitor their cars' fuel consumption using the full-tank measure method may still pump the minimum gross $50 worth and add up all distance travelled against all volume pumped during the offer period. I have also unprotect the tool so that you can easily change the formula of the cells to lump together the data of these fillings.

To illustrate the approach, download the file and see the FuelConsumption tab. The fuel consumption during such a promotion from May 7 to May 26 is computed by the total distance from the odometer divided by the sum of the four fillings over the period.

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