Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Go Where? Go There

I have been flipping through my good old street directory if I am heading to a new or unknown (to me) destination. On reflecting my unsafe action (still flipping the directory while my car is moving), I felt that I should develop the habit of planning my route before the journey. I have used the online street directories to see the destination in the past and decided to try a site mentioned in the Digital Life section of the Straits Times a few weeks ago -

Cool! I like the application for the following reasons:
1. The map has the route highlighted plus other alternate routes, cost and estimated time taken.
2. Options for route are Bus, Train+Bus, Taxi and Car.
3. Useful information like parking rates at car parks near the destination.
4. Option to avoid ERP and expressway for Taxi and Car.

I am sure that there are many other features of the application that I may not have covered above. At the top of my wishlist is for the mobile version be made available soon since I may need to plan my trip when I am away from my laptop.

Test drive the application GoThere today. Planning your trip will not only save you time but makes it a safer drive too.

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