Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Look of a COE

I had read a discussion thread on My Car Forum asking "What does a COE look like?" and one scanned copy of the COE from 2000 was also posted. Now LTA no longer issues paper COE so all records are electronic. However, LTA does notify successful applicants through mail. In cases where dealers bid on behalf of the buyers, the letters are sent to the dealers.

I am among one of the very few individual bidders and had received the letter entitled "Consolidated Statement for Application for Temporary Certificate of Entitlement" from LTA after the bidding exercise closed.

Here are the scanned images (click on them to view in full size):

Page 1

Page 2


The most important piece of information is the Temporary Certificate Of Entitlement Number ("TCOE No." in the appendix) which is used for the vehicle registration. After I have decided on the make and model to buy, the dealer used this TCOE number and my NRIC number to register the car. I did receive a printout of the vehicle registration from LTA upon confirmation but it was no longer in the form of a "log card" from the old days.

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