Sunday, December 2, 2007

COE Prediction - December 1st Bidding Exercise

I am again tardy to post my prediction as I have been travelling so much on the job. Well, it is now December and most of us are in a jolly good mood - traffic is heavy on Orchard Roads every evening as this is the season to shop for Christmas gifts and self-pampering after a hard year's work.

There are few of us who can afford to buy our loved ones a car for Christmas so I do not think there is any spike in demand at this time. Although some will take advantage of the lower quota premium and corresponding lowering in selling price of cars, I am quite sure that the quota premium will sustain at about current level - a marginal increase in Category A while Category B may see a slight drop.

Prediction on December 2:
Category A: $15,000-16,000
Category B: $16,000-17,000

Verdict on December 5:
Category A: $12,001
Category B: $13,114

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