Sunday, December 16, 2007

COE Prediction - December 2nd Bidding Exercise

Well, it was a surprise to know that the quota premium had fallen in both categories. It may be due to the holiday shopping fatique, the violatile stock markets and regular car refreshers (those who upgrade their rides within 3 years) are still burdened with longer loan repayment ... but generally, demand for new cars is down.

With the lower pricing, some buyers may come in but I do not think the demand will spike since there are two more bidding exercises in time for Lunar New Year delivery. Yes, Chinese wear new clothes during the Lunar New Year and driving a new car is a plus.

Prediction on December 16:
Category A: $14,000-15,000
Category B: $15,000-16,000

Verdict on December 19:
Category A: $14,001
Category B: $15,802

Yes! Spot-on this month for both Categories.

Track record for prediction:

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